Date Event Details Start Time  
26/06/2017 Ian Brown Flatwork Tuition available to all – day & eve available
Individual £25 for 40mins + school hire
Shared (2) £15 each for 40 mins + school hire
Group (max 4) £12 for 60 mins + school hire
Deposit must be paid online (this is the school hire), balance to Ian on the day
Please state specific time preferences on booking, times will then be sent out by email minimum 24hrs before.
Queries by text to 07974 260129
Enter Online
27/06/2017 PAUL HAYLER dressage coach, daytime only. Book in with Ian Brown on 07878 938471
27/06/2017 Tue Eve Unaffiliated SJ.
Clear Round 5:30.
65cm 6:15 prompt.
75cm approx 6:45.
85cm approx 7:30.
95cm approx 8:00.
105cm approx 8:30.
2 x classes £15.
1st prize £10(if 5+ in class),
2nd/3rd/4th £5prize (1 per 5 starters).
28/06/2017 British Showjumping View Schedule
28/06/2017 PAUL HAYLER dressage coach, daytime only. Book in with Ian Brown on 07878 938471
29/06/2017 Training Thursday: PYO Combined Training any dressage test, any height SJ £20 PYO Dressage test any test judged with feedback £15 CR SJ any height £10 Enter Online
30/06/2017 ARENA HIRE FOR SHOWJUMPING Enter Online
30/06/2017 Steph Cooper LIST 1 Dressage Judge Clinics, £55 (including arena hire) for 45mins. To secure your place please pay the deposit through the Enter Online link Enter Online

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